Meditation for Settling the Mind 2023

Aims of the Group

The group is for those wishing to start or maintain a regular practice of sitting to meditate. Teachings will be based in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism but it is not necessary to be a Buddhist in order to benefit; the teachings are compatible with all faiths and none.

Topics covered will include how to sit comfortably (chairs are allowed!), what to expect from meditation, meditation methods, setting intentions and staying motivated. We will also look at bringing meditation into every day life with the aim of improving our relationships with others. In addition to meditation, we will touch upon some pranayama (breathwork) techniques and how meditation links to the movement practices of Hatha Yoga and Kum Nye.

Each session will include some theory and instruction, practice time and group discussion/Q&As.

The course will be taught by Lucy Murray and Jonathan Clewley, usually alternating months. Course content will be progressive so regular attendance will be beneficial, however, you will have the opportunity to book for each month independently of the others and there will be plenty of repetition of practices so you can miss a month and not worry about having to catch up.

Venue, Dates, Times, Cost and What to Bring

The course runs monthly on Monday nights from 19:00 until 20:30, sometimes online via Zoom and sometimes in person at Little Comberton Village Hall. For up to date information about the current venue, dates, prices and other booking information please refer to the booking system.

Book online

It is our intention to record the main practice so that you will have the opportunity to use the recording at home to support home practice.

Please bring your usual yoga equipment including mat, blanket, blocks. If you have a meditation cushion or stool then please bring that. We will sit on chairs for the discussions and instructions. Sitting on the floor during the practice time is optional – you can sit on a chair the whole time if you prefer. You may like to bring a notebook and pen to record anything which you would like to remember later.

We do hope that you will be able to join us on our quest for more spacious and lighter minds,

Lucy & Jonathan